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FTP Overview

AusPayNet BSB data is now available via download from a public FTP connection. Downloadable files include a full list and an update list, both available in CSV and TXT file formats.

AusPayNet BSB data is generated and published at least once a month on the first business day of the month. However, it is possible that data could be generated more than once in a given calendar month.

File Naming Conventions

The file naming convention for the full list is comprised of the previous month and report number. An example of this is below:
  • BSBDirectoryMay13-205.csv
  • BSBDirectoryMay13-205.txt

The file naming convention for the update list is the date of the day after the last report was generated. An example of this is below (data was generated on 1 May 2013):

  • BSB Directory Update 02May13-03Jun13.csv
  • BSB Directory Update 02May13-03Jun13.txt


The BSB Data can be downloaded from the following location:


Instructions for downloading via FTP, including worked examples and file formats can be downloaded here.


Should you have any questions or encounter any issues whilst downloading from the AusPayNet BSB Data FTP, please contact us at